Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cose Che Vedo Solo in Italia - Things I only See in Italy

I promised a friend in Boston I would take loads of photos while I was in Italy. In my last two trips, I took a few, when I remembered. If you look closely at them, you'll get an idea of the things that I miss back in the US.

Fresh food in small stores:

Fresh nuts with shell are hard to find in the US
Cheap lunches with fixed price menu:

Gelato with taste of fruit (not butter):

Something I can eat quickly and enjoy - no chewy bread, no raw onions, no spicy pickles - heaven!

Fast-food I enjoy everywhere, even at the train station:

Slow pace in the city:

Chatting with the neighbor

I'll be back soon

We don't have WI-FI - Talk with eachother!!

Taking a long break for lunch, while all businesses are closed

Eating is one of the four purposes of life... what are the other three, nobody has understood that yet. Chinese say

Feasts to revoke history, food rituals and traditions:

My old work place, good food and musica popolare

The Arrival of the King Vittorio Amedeo II

Flags Exercise for the "Palio di Asti"

La Festa del Cioccolato a Torino - Chocolate Feast in Turin 

La Sagra dell'Uva a Torino - Grape Feast in Turin

La Sagra del Peperone in Carmagnola - Pepper Sagra in Carmagnola

As a matter of fact, every little thing I miss from home is always strictly connected with food. Also, with beauty and with elegance, a topic I introduced in an older posting. More on this soon.

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