Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year Wishes

Best Wishes for a  Pill-Free Year!
Until the very end of 2014, my Christmas celebrations have been dominated by bottles of pills. Not much fun.

After spending three days, bedridden, with yet another inflammation attack caused by my screwed up immune system - my right foot was like a  hot-air balloon until yesterday! - I woke up in the new year, filled with hope and with one resolution: I will dedicate the new year to getting my health back, no matter what crazy things I will have to do for it.

On New year's day, Tronk and I watched the fireworks shows that took place in different parts of the world (Rome, New York, Japan, ect). At the end, Tronk agreed that the London fireworks are the best! So I'll end this posting with my old favorite New Year's eve show. In more than one occasion, I was there, with a couple of friends, joining the central London Happy New Year madness: as soon as the Big Ben shoots midnight, hugs and kisses reach you from all the strangers next to you. Most of them are really really drunk. Enjoy the show!

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