Thursday, May 16, 2013

Corsi e Ricorsi Storici - Occurrences and Recurrences

The other day Tronk got stuck in a toy box. The box was too tight. His legs were trapped inside. Tronk was crying and was begging us to get him out. 

What did I do? I  ran to go help himWhat did John do? He took this photo.

Aiuto! Ho male! - Help! I am in pain!
He then calmly removed Tronk from the box. John told me that his mother did the same thing to him when he was a little boy. John's reaction? A bit different.

Are you going to get me out of here?


  1. John was such a cute little boy----and a handsome young man now. We have so many great pictures of him and his siblings because his mother always grabed the camera.