Thursday, February 7, 2013

Conversations and Speeches - Conversazioni e Discorsi

It used to be us the ones who had to tell Tronk about the world. It is now often the case when Tronk is the one in charge of telling us (and everybody else) how things work.

Breakfast. Dad ready to Go to Work.
Dad: Ciao, sii buono, ok? (Bye bye, be good, ok?)
Tronk: e tu sii cattivo! (be bad!)
Dad: vuoi che io sia cattivo? (do you want me to be bad?)
Tronk: si', ma quando vieni a casa smetti di essere cattivo (yes, but when you come home, stop being bad)

Tronk: Mi dai un regalo? (Can you give me a present?)
Mom:  Vuoi un regalo? (Do you want a gift?)
Mom: Ti regalo... (I am going to give you...)
Tronk: Cosa? (What?)
Mom: ... un sorriso! (... a smile!)
Tronk: oh, sei troppo generosa! (oh, you are too generous!)

Mom: Scusa devo andare in cucina. Sta bruciando tutto! (sorry, I have got to go to the kitchen. It it is all burning!)
Tronk comes to the kitchen. He sees the pan with the oil burning. 
Tronk: Ma mamma e' l'ora di mettere il sugo dentro, se non lo metti brucia! (but mom, it is time to pour the sugo in the pan, if not, it will burn!)

Mom: Forse e' meglio se prima finisci di colorare il coccodrillo (Perhaps it's better if you color the crocodile first)
Tronk: Mamma, vai a fare la doccia, vai! (Mom, go take your shower, go!)

 Finally, a lecture on "the effect of temperature on water":

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