Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tronk's Latest Project - L'Ultimo Progetto di Tronk

You never know what to expect from a three year old these days. It only took Tronk one evening alone with his dad to start a new project. This time it is not about a car made with magnets nor about a house made with Lego blocks and filled with papers stolen from my desk (no, that happened last week). This time he came up with something bigger. Last night, he founded a Club!

For those who are not aware of this, when Tronk was born, I founded the Boston Bambino Club, a club for the Italian children who live in the Boston area, and Tronk mentioned this club to many strangers ever since he started talking. Apparently, yesterday, tired of talking about my club, Tronk founded his own club: the Boston William Club! He said that BWC is the group for all the children named William who live in the Boston area. I tried to welcome his project with a smile. The problem is that he now wants to held his Club's first meeting in our house!

Apparenty, John asked Tronk if he and grandpa Bill could join the group. Tronk said that they could pretend (far finta) they joined, even though they were both named William. Then they had a ten minute long discussion about who can join the group and who cannot. If there are new developments, I will post an update here (or Tronk will pretend to do so).