Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy for Halloween - Uragano Sandy per Halloween

10 am. Tronk:
"Puoi dire a Sandy che dopo che ha bagnato le piante ed i fiori, deve andare via?
Can you tell Sandy that once she has watered the trees and the flowers she has to leave?

Three hours later. Tronk:
Oggi e' un giorno per stare a casa, vero?
Today is a day to stay at home, right?

Yesterday everything was slowly shutting down, from schools to coffee shops. My Italian lesson and my dentist appointment got cancelled and I was stuck in the house with aching teeth and a three year old who had just decided to start learning about potty training.

The rain and the wind made noise all day long and that strange feeling that the roof would suddenly start flying away brought me back to the unbeatable Guiness taste of the Galway bay. If only I had had one of those pints perhaps it wouldn't have been such a long day.

We survived the hurricane at the end, our roof has not flown away but there is a fair amount of flooding in New England; thankfully, not so much in the area where we live. We kept our power, managed to read books, cooked with cartoons playing in the background, built cars with magnets and cleaned poop while trying to type the content of a few emails long overdue. So we are perfectly safe and warm and I cannot complain. Our postmen (and the trash men in some areas) still managed to get their job done despite the hurricane. Those people have guts!

Photos taken this morning:

After all, if the scary weather doesn't come two days before Halloween, when should it come?

Hurricane Sandy Monster Found in our House

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