Saturday, June 16, 2012

Recently Overheard - Origliato Di Recente

Overhead today, while Tronk, who is not three yet, was playing:

- Si accende il motore ed il trenino va di felicita'! (The engine starts running and the little train goes out of happiness!)

- Ecco, e' il motore che va, ed e' pieno di felicita'! (Here it is, it is the engine that is running, and it is filled with happiness!)

- Ascolta! Tu metti l'aragosta nell'acqua bollente e non si muove piu'! (Listen! You put the lobster in the water boiling and it'll stop moving)

- Questa e' la rana che salta nella fontana perche' fa caldo! (This is the frog that jumps in the fountain cause it's hot!)

I had to remove the other lines from this page as they were censored.

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