Monday, June 11, 2012

When I go to the bathroom I think of you - Quando vado al bagno penso a te

The summer has finally come, a bit more English weather than usual, but that's OK. I imagined lazy days, but I am already tired of potty training. This morning I was close to throwing the potty out of the window! (Naples style). Really. 

What depresses me is the amount of time I have spent in the toilet (please don't tell me I should call it restroom!) since 2010 and the little success I have had. Remember this posting? I started the potty training when he was 18 months old. No kidding. Initially, I was able to get him to successfully poop once a day. Later, he was having his long wee every morning. The potty training was going fine. Then something happened.

Last winter, I had to take a break from it to avoid falling with my glamorous boot on a bunch of poop while I was cleaning the potty. I then restarted the potty training in spring thinking we'd pick up where we had left off. Bad idea. In spring, not only Tronk was no longer able to tell me when he needed to go (his adorable "poop face" was gone), but also he no longer wanted to have anything to do with the potty.

So I went from singing "mi scappa la pipi' papa'" (I need to go for a wee daddy) to reading stories on animals crapping, to telling Tronk that if he doesn't learn to pee in the toilet he will no longer be able to play soccer. I was hoping that the situation would improve. It hasn't. It has gotten worse and I feel I am starting to go mental (sto per sclerare).

This morning, after spending more than 15 minutes playing with the potty, he finally decided to pee in his diaper while eating cereal. After that, I gave him a large glass of water and left him naked in the house - for three hours. For three hours he whined while he played on the large purple plastic tarp that we normally use for messy activities. No signs that he needed to go to the toilet. Then lunch came and I put him in a pull up diaper. He figured that time had come to let go and there was pee all over the chair.

Tronk is turning three in a month and I have decided that I have had enough with the potty training. He either figures it out by himself or he will go to college wrapped in a diaper!

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