Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Weekend in Cape Cod - Compleanno a Cape Cod

What I mostly wanted for my birthday was to get on the road and go to the sea, swim in a heated pool, browse through arty things in cute stores, eat raw seafood, feel the heat of the sun on my arms, drink beer and chill out with a Nikon in my hands. My wish came true.

After managing to get through the night despite the constant interruptions of a very angry toddler asking me to wipe his nose all night long - John is away on a business trip so throughout the night I was the only one on call - as soon as I woke up this morning I posted the photos below and looked at them with a dark cup of PG tips in my hand. Funny how caffeine and a bunch of pictures can brighten up one's day!

Tronk is now begging me to take him back to the green house and I am already dreaming of building one for Tronk in our back yard. We'll see what John will have to say on this. Ugh

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