Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who should be blamed? - Di chi e' la colpa?

This photo was posted today by zia Pina (Tronk's babysitter) on her Facebook page. That's right, my child is kissing his girlfriend on Facebook. The picture has already been liked by nine people and commented by four people in three different languages! The news is official and I already feel like one of those Sicilian mothers; sooner or later people will start asking me when is the big day!

I showed this to John and saw the typical worried look of the father... later explained by this comment: "wait until he goes to school and gets teased by the other boys for it. If that happens, I am afraid their friendship will fall apart!"

No doubts it's my fault. I should have not taught them to kiss. How do I tell them to stop? Tronk has just asked me to go buy flowers for her and then to take him (and Naima) for a ski weekend in the mountains!...

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