Friday, April 27, 2012

Mothers and fathers, you can be proud of yourselves - Mamme e papa', potete essere orgogliosi di voi stessi

There are probably few of you who have not seen the video below. It has come to me from so many sources! If not, watch this video and be moved because this is beautiful, well made, and touching.

But please don't forget that this is a marketing video - P&G  made it - and no matter what we say, a marketing video still remains. And please, if you decide to share this video with your friends, do not make comments like these: where are the fathers? This video was produced by P&G few days before Mother's Day. So please don't expect a collection of fathers playing horse games with their children.

Look, I am the first one to admit that in Italy we have a problem with the inability of men to become fathers and to do their job as fathers. And I am sorry to have to remind you mothers (and fathers!) - I know this is going to be harsh - that tomorrow's fathers, the ones that we hope one day will look after their children on a daily basis, are raised by us. Yes, it is up to us to raise them, with the knowledge that cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, setting and clearing the table, doing the laundry, etc are not "women chores" but "house chores" and that each member of the family is expected to take these in turn and successfully complete them. Failing to achieve this, in the future, there will be no fathers who can take the responsibility of being fathers. In Italy and elsewhere. 

Luckily, I have a father next to me that, if they ever had to produce a video, they would find his hands in the dryer, then folding clothes, towels and sheets and finally tickling Tronk to make him giggle so loudly only he can do it. 

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  1. This video makes me think that we will be failures as parents if Tronk doesn't win a gold medal at the Olympic games! :) John