Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons, Part Two - Amore Pericoloso, Seconda Parte

Today, when I got home, I found these on the kitchen counter.

Flower Blossoms Tronk Collected in Watertown

Zia Pina, who took care of Tronk in the afternoon, told me that he collected the flowers on his way to the playground. She tried to persuade him to give the flowers to a woman he met, who had been nice to him in the past, but Tronk insisted that the flowers were for me. Apparently, he came home at around 5 and ran as fast as he could to the kitchen, while calling my name, with the white flower blossoms still in his hands. I wasn't there so he was upset - he tried to throw the flowers in the garbage! Typical man. Then, when I arrived home, as soon as I saw the flowers, during storytime, Tronk said firmly that they were for me, not for the other woman.

He knew I would be touched by that, like he knows that when he says "mamma!" with the desperate tone, I get to melt like a piece of ice under the hot sun. In those moments, I feel I would do anything for him. He knows how to get to my heart and this frightens me.

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