Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robe di Kappa vs Trucker Girl - Robe di Kappa vs Donna del Camionista

I will never buy Robe Di Kappa sportswear for my son and I'll tell you why.

You might be up for some serious disappointment if you are planning to wear your collection of preppy Robe di Kappa sportswear in the US - In Italy wearing Kappa is a bit like wearing Lacoste (or maybe A&F) in the US. This is what happened to the father of one of Tronk's friend, a man in his forties who was living in Italy until few months ago. According to what this man told me at the playground, when he started his new job here in Boston, his boss was initially ignoring him and so were other work mates. He was getting a few dirty looks here and there. It was only a couple of months later that a bit of truth came out when two work mates (unsuccessfully) tried to explain to him with diplomacy the connotations that the Kappa symbol has in the US.

What is really sad is that the Italian guy said he came up with a great "politically correct" answer: "the symbol can be interpreted as one may prefer to interpret it. He proudly told me that his explanation left everyone silent. Poor guy! He thought they did not appreciate his style. Now he has hundreds of euros worth of clothing but the Americans here assume he is a sexist douchebag. I can already picture him in his flashy black Robe di Kappa tracksuit while he is discussing the termination of his contract in the office of his boss.

This brand really cannot win in the United States. Even if you were wearing the more subtle sweatshirt with the Kappa logoscript on it, you would still be misunderstood here as they would think you are a guy in a college fraternity!

Italian: I am preppy
American: I am in a College Fraternity

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