Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do you want the finger mom? - Vuoi il dito mamma?

Vuoi il dito? (Do you want the finger?)
This posting will be brief as it is only meant to record yet another, hopefully transitory, strange obsession of my son. In the last few weeks Tronk has discovered the most exciting thing ever: "il dito" (the finger) and our reactions when he moves his index finger up and down towards us. He does that to copy his dad, who likes to tickle him. When Tronk first raised his little finger towards us John and I couldn't help showing him that we were scared; typical reaction of the parent treating the child as a grown up! The problem is that he got a real kick out of it while we were in Italy and continued to raise his little finger to nonno and nonna (the Italian grandparents) and even to strangers in the street, hoping to get the same reactions from them.

Unfortunately, nonno turned out to be the only one who went along with the game, by producing a fake expression of terror and a scream (causing us to be scared) each time Tronk's finger was approaching. Strangely, nonna's reaction instead turned out to be an attempt to eat the finger. Sadly, everyone else Tronk came across in the two weeks he spent in Turin, did not get the message.

We are now back in Boston, still trying to escape from the little finger and get some sleep.

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