Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A cultural gap I am afraid I will not able to bridge - Un gap culturale ho paura non potro' colmare

I have been in Boston for more than a week now and I still feel unadjusted. I have been sitting at the computer looking for fun things to do with Tronk in the afternoon in our neighborhood, so far with little success. The truth is that there aren't many things to do with children outside the house that don't involve waking up at dawn and eating outside. Yes because here waking up at 8 am is late.  In more than one occasions, nurses from the hospital and survey guys turned up at my house at around 8:20 am and apologized for not arriving earlier. And the majority of people here (with or without children) eat outside the house. This is precisely the kind of thing I have been trying to avoid from the very first day I have been back in Boston.

Lunch (and dinner) in Boston

Apparently, in the US, it is legal to give children the left overs from dinner. No, they didn't tell me this. I figured this out when the moms at the playground unveiled the morning snack for their children: fried chicken. Perhaps it was  lunch, I am not sure. It didn't look very fresh though. When you think it cannot get any worse, you see the child sitting next to yours eating cold pasta with the hands, chips style. Second course: raw carrots, raw broccoli and raw onions! By the way, these are healthy moms, they shop at Wholefoods and don't give their children coca cola instead of milk for breakfast!

Aha, Boston, the land of freedom! Next time I will pack the tail of the fish from Tronk's dinner and will not miss that 9 am music class I always wanted to attend.

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