Thursday, February 16, 2012

To John, for his birthday - A John, per il suo compleanno

This posting is dedicated to my husband John. Happy birthday dear husband and amazing dad!!!

Tronk has learned a rather strong expression from his dad: God Dammit! It all started in the car when Tronk started imitating his father expressing his anger against the well known aggressive Massachusetts car drivers (see video below)

This wasn't a single episode. Tronk is in love with this expression and I initially found it rather embarrassing to stand next to him at the doctor's office while he was greeting the people next to us with his sweet loud God Damnit. Not that it was making me feel any better to hear that on the train. In those situations it was always the parent (me) who was getting the dirty look from the old lady, not Tronk!

Today, I was typing an email on the computer when Tronk came to me with a rather frustrated expression of the face and said these exact words as loud as he could possibly do: 

"Questo computer! God Damnit Mamma!" (This computer! God Damnit  mom!)

I know very well that cursing (swearing or cussing, as you prefer to name it) is a form of disrespect towards other people but when I hear him say God Damnit these days, all I can do is hide and burst into laughter, hopefully without Tronk seeing me. It is funny and I don't see a reason for telling him to stop saying what his father says all the time. Not to defend my husband's colorful language but God Damnit does not seem to be such a bad expression, according to the Urban Dictionary:

"The expression God Dammit is used in situations relating to anger, annoyance, or frustration. It is a phrase used to ask God to damn something, usually a situation, and it in no way means that you want to damn God. Also, when used at a person, it does not mean that you want God to damn that particular person, it means that you want God to damn the situation that the person caused, indirectly damning him or her."

Italian readers, would you be concerned if your children used the expression "Maledetto!" in public? Not really. So stop giving me that dirty look, old lady. Let my child be and wait until real cursing begins.

Tronk, would you please sing happy birthday to daddy? Below are our first and last attempt.

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