Sunday, January 1, 2012

Silence on New Year's Eve in Boston - Capodanno in Silenzio a Boston

Perhaps I am not traveled enough but I had never experienced a more silent New Year's Eve than this in my life! - here in Arlington (where we live) and in Cambridge I have not heard a single BOOM! - I really was not expecting the kingdom of capitalism not to spend a single dollar on fireworks on New Year's eve. Especially after seeing the spectacular fireworks show the Americans come up with every year on the 4th of July. How can the transition to a new year mean so little to the people here compared to most other countries in the world? (see proof here)

While I was writing this, John showed me this photo.

This Year's Fireworks Show in London
I suddenly remembered what New Year's Eve used to be in London. In a couple of occasions I was  there, under that ceiling of lights, pressed against thousand of drunken people screaming "Happy New Year!". The first time I was 24 and I was drunk, together with a bunch of girlfriends who were more drunk than I, so all I can remember is the long walk home like a Zombie, all the way from Trafalgar Square.  The second time, I was in my late thirties and I remember I was so surprised of having found such madness appealing the first time. The worst part of it was at midnight, when a bunch of disgusting drunks (with bad breath and spots all over the face) would jump on me while screaming "Happy New Year", to give me long kisses and big hugs. Escaping was not an option, although it was better than the man shooting a gun into the sky a meter from me in Munich or the people throwing empty bottles and old furniture from their balconies on me and my friend in Naples.

Fireworks Banned in Turin (who says that the rules have to be followed?)
The fireworks always scared my father as they reminded him of the bombing raids during the Second World War on Turin. Despite the ban (with fines up to 500 euros) on using fireworks this year, the Turinese people have welcomed the arrival of the new year with more colors and noisy shots than ever and, once again, they set trucks and even apartments on fire!
After all, having a silent 
start of the new year is not bad at all. Happy peaceful 2012 everyone!

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