Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pay for the car Pina! - Paga la macchina Pina!

Today, zia Pina, who takes care of Tronk twice a week, brought him home with a new toy. "Where does that car come from?", I asked.

Apparently, she took Tronk to CVS where she needed to buy a couple of things. She was showing him the pumpkins that had just arrived in the store to get him started on the Halloween spirit. Tronk was not interested. As soon as he saw the diecast cars on display, he immediately ran towards them. Apparently, he picked the silver color car and continued to play with it while Pina tried to finish her shopping.

When she went to pay at the till, Tronk said: Pagare la macchina? Pagare la macchina? (Are you going to pay for the car? Are you going to pay for the car?)

So aunt Pina got suckered into paying for the car and Tronk left CVS with his new toy. She said she had never seen a child of Tronk's age worrying about paying for something - a capitalist?

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