Thursday, August 5, 2010

The lizard - La lucertola. Yes he is! William is officially crawling! - Finalmente! William gattona per davvero!

William is officially crawling. Yes he is! Absolutely! It is called "combat crawling" or, according to my husband, the expert in commando techniques, it is also called "low crawling or commando crawling". There he is: my boy, in the entry way of our apartment, creeping towards our master bedroom! Is he William? Today, all of a sudden, I see a brand new William: yes, William, the boy who used to play for a long time in the same seated position with a couple of blocks and cups next to him and who would suddenly freak out after failing to reach the more attractive block further away from him, is now a mini soldier who is trying to sneak into (and perhaps demolish with joy) all of my stuff! Great.

Can you imagine living a life without being able to move and then suddenly be able to go everywhere and explore everything? It must be like an epiphany after months of boring seating, dependency on mom for a change of scene, and painful exercises with the same boring view of the floor, for a baby to suddenly realize that it is possible to go to see (and get) everything that is around!

Today for the first time William put himself onto his hands and knees and pushed his bottom up three or four times. I cannot describe my excitement when I saw that. The neighbors who live in the unit above ours probably can. He then used his core muscles to push forward and move around the room. I was starring at my little lizard, completely shocked and proud. Because of that, I was not able to film his first crawling attempt but only later explorations of the house. I will never forget the way he looked at me and giggled all excited, just after pushing himself forward, while he was removing the baby books from the book shelves, the ones that I was offering to a friend in that precise instant. Few seconds ago he was pushing himself into the laundry basket and "plop"! (Italian sound) Now the floor mats and all the towels that were in the basket are on his head! Luckily, he is ok.

What an exciting day. But this also means that the days of William playing by himself, while I am doing the cooking, the laundry and a bit of blogging, are now over. How about the move to the new house in less than a week? That's right, just as we've started to pack for the move to the new house in less than a week, William has started to move as well. Isn't this a bit ironic?

Before I go to bed to start picturing in my mind how life is soon going to change for us, below is a video of one of the happiest moments of William's first year of life (or at least that's how I see it):

Next step are hands and knees crawling. Yay William!

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