Monday, August 30, 2010

The birth of the Kruse family house - La nascita della casa dei Kruse

You might wonder why there is a blank space below. Well, this is because our life has been and it still is pretty much on hold. Being involved in packing, unpacking, living in construction zones, being a full-time mom and reshaping a brand new house (from deciding where to put the bathroom towels to finding a solution for storing all pasta and rice containers in one place, the list does not end). This means that you have no time for anything else. Having said that, please go past the blank space below (which, to be honest, I have not been able to delete despite my 5 years experience in web development!) and enjoy the historical pictures below, featuring the birth of the Kruse family house.
There will soon be more pictures here showing the birth of our new house. We first need to make this happen. Enrica, John and William

The kitchen:

da cosi'-
from this
a cosi' -
to this
a cosi'! -
to this!
(I will post the latest picture of the kitchen when available)
The master bedroom:
da cosi' -
from this
a cosi' -
to this
(I will post the latest picture of our master bedroom when available)
We saw a similar transformation in the second bedroom and in the living room. Latest pictures will be posted soon.

William's bedroom:
da cosi'-
from this

a cosi'-
to this
William was having fun in the yard with his water table
he was also going to the beach with his Italian friends
he was having fun opening
and closing the wooden doors of his new house
he was starring at dad working, at mamma taking photos
and at the new features of the house (in this case, he was looking at the secret passage leading to the attic)
he was happy!
On August 13th John and I celebrated with a bottle of Passito wine that my father bottled on the day I was born with my name printed on the label!

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