Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*You* are funny! - Sei molto divertente!

What a fun day William. I was so happy with you at the pool today! So cool to see you enjoy the water and splash splash splash, making everybody around wet and having fun being splashed. We made loads of friends today, although I am not sure whether they truly loved us after all that splashing. A Spanish boy kept swimming towards us with the clear intent of playing with you. He would come as close to you as he could and he would then begin to stare at you, he would stretch his arms towards you as to take you with him, and then he would look at me asking for my approval.

Later, when we were both getting dried, you were exploding in cute cheeky laughs and I couldn't help laughing too. I felt so happy to have you with me. Then, when we went home, I gave you a bath and you were showering me like in the pool. At that point when I started telling you that that was not good, you started laughing laughing and laughing louder and louder, with your shiny alert eyes. Then again, short after I put you to bed, your cute high pitched laughs came back. I went to check what was going on in the crib. Your blankets, sheet and pillows where all around you in a kind of Picasso's composition and you were laughing your little butt off again.

It is not the first time that you make me laugh so much. I think there is a funny/ridiculous side in you that, blame it on your genes or on your dad teaching you bad habits, is growing, every day. Last week I was in a shoe store. An older eccentric, but elegant lady right out of a Jane Austen novel stopped to say hello to you and kept chatting with you - I was thinking, aha, the same old reason: "he is cute!". She then said that she was enjoying talking to you because you are funny. She explained that she used to have a large temp agency business and that she was good at spotting people's personalities from the first encounter. She was convinced that you will become a comedian! Well, that day you must have successfully entertained her for at least 20 minutes. Tu sei un vero latin lover!

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