Friday, July 16, 2010

My first birthday - il mio primo compleanno

Isn't this supposed to be my blog? So this post, I am going to write it myself. Let me think, my first birthday started at around 7 am. I got dad out of bed to change my diaper. Dad sang me a strange song , while getting my cereal ready. I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about. He doesn't usually get excited. Then mommy rushed into the kitchen to come to sing the same tune. The words were different but the tune was the same. Then cereal followed. It certainly had more fruit than usual. Aha. Mom and dad were excited about everything, even about changing my clothes! Then dad went to work and mommy took me in front of the magic box. She never does! There, grandma and grandpa were waving at me, while singing "happy bir-ba-ba-ba", the same tune mom and dad were singing to me in kitchen. They also were more excited to see me than ever. I don't know what this was all about.

Then mommy's friends came to the house. They brought me a toy to play with. The strange thing is that it had a lot of paper around it, which I had to unwrap. Then we went out to eat. I ate something new which didn't smell good at first but that, once I got the taste of it, was not bad. They kept calling it "fisha", I think. I must have eaten a lot of that "fisha", while people were starring at me. Then a huge colorful thing arrived on the table. It had a strange flickering light on top. They were all waiting for me to do something. They kept saying "blow blow soffia soffia". This is what I don't really get. As soon as I tried to grab it to put it in my mouth, they took it away from me!

After that, I met Alex, one of my buddies. He also gave me a toy difficult to unwrap. 15 minutes later, we were splashing in the water - so much fun! Alex (or maybe his mom, I can't remember) was singing that same "bir-ba-ba" tune that everyone has been singing to me all day long. Don't ask me why.

Such a weird but fun day. I was expecting everything to go back to normal the day after but it didn't. The singing of the "happy ba-ba" tune continued. Mom and dad kept acting as if I was a different baby. Mommy was busy preparing stuff. Not sure what she was up to. Then, yesterday, I had dinner with all of my friends. Our table was full of balloons and cool stuff. There was a cute fun girl I met few times sitting next to me and stealing my toys. And everyone was looking at me. Nice people. Then, another big colorful thing, like the one that came at lunch the other day, came. Mommy called it "totta" or "checche", something like that. Once again they put that flickering light on top. They wanted me to do something with it. Don't know what. I got frustrated. When I finally got to taste it, ba-ba-ba-ba'! It was the softest, sweetest and most delicious bite I ever had to take. Hope there will be some of this for dinner tonight.

When I got home, mom and dad gave me a lot of new toys but once again, they all needed unwrapping. It was so much fun to play with the paper but, as it usually happens, mommy took it away. Despite that, there was still a lot of stuff to play with but sadly, right when I was starting to get excited, they put me to bed.

For more details on all this, I highly recommend that you watch mom's video below. Aha aha aha! I mean... so cool, she didn't miss a thing!


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