Monday, June 7, 2010

Pa-pa-pa-pa, Nanna-na-na-na, Dam-dam-da, Ta-ta-ta, Gat-ta. Does he speak Italian already? - Parla gia' italiano?

William has had a lot more to say recently. He no longer just says Mamma-ma-ma-ma. Also, Da-da da-da, Pa-pa-pa-pa, Ehem, ehem, ehem, Nanna-na-na-na, Nonna, Dam-dam-dam. And ahai, ahai, ahai. Followed by uei, uei, uei, hee, hee, ueio, ueio, rrrrr, ruuuu, ruuuu, yeahh, rueii-ei-ei, yeahi, yeahi etc, sounds which has he has been making a lot, with a happy, cheerful, annoyed and sometimes angry tone, in the car and while playing by himself. It has been a delight to listen to him, always wondering what these sounds actually mean to him. As a true Italian putting meanings to things that don't have any, I can't help telling the world that all this means a huge amount!

It means that William has started speaking. And, si, si, si, si! his first words are in Italian, off-course! At 10 months and a half he can already say 5 words! "Mamma, Papa', Nanna, Nonna and Dammi". Isn't this amazing? Even if what I actually hear is often something like "mamma-ma, pa-pa-pa, gnalla, nogna and dam", I know he means "Mamma, Papa', Nanna, Nonna and Dammi"! and I cannot be happier. My son speaks Italian already. Then the American mom in me comes out and says "come on, stop it. It is not all meaningful. The words I hear coming out of William's mouth are just sounds that he has probably managed to put together as a result of imitating the sounds he has heard from us. So, no illusions. William has no clue of what he is saying!". "yes but how about when he makes a sound and then shake his head as to reinforce his disapproval on what I have just said? and how about when he goes on and on in a conversational tone as if he was presenting a lecture to a large audience of people? and how about when he burst into laugh when I say something he thinks is funny and smiles just after I say something to comfort him? Take yesterday for example. In the middle of the afternoon a huge rain storm came. The wind was so strong, it smashed trees and other things I heard break and fall in my neighborhood. William all of a sudden burst into tears frightened. As soon as after I said to him "va tutto bene amore, va tutto bene amore" he stopped. I swear that as soon after that he started saying "mamma-ma-ma, mamma, mamma, mamma" with a cheerful tone as to say "Grazie mamma. I feel much better" even before I picked him up. I know he meant that. I just know. William is calling me now. I'll better go to try to understand what he needs. My interpretation, off-course.

4 days before his first birthday:
He said Tata. Maybe he like his tata Pina. And as soon after I miaowed at the cat. he said gat-ta. Bravo William!


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