Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No interest in rolling over - Non ha alcun interesse a rotolarsi

My daughter is almost 8 months and hasn't really shown any interest in rolling back to front. She rolled (or gravity took her?) from front to back starting around 3
or 4 months. But despite lots of back time (playmat, back to sleep, strategically placed toys out of reach) she doesn't seem to have much interest in rolling over. She'll make it over to her side and then seemingly give up. (Her lower arm gets in the way?) We've let her be to see if she'll make the turn on her own, and also given her some verbal encouragement. No luck.
Sometimes, she'll rotate around or scoot 180 degrees on her back to get what she could have gotten just by rolling over.
I know "they" say that rolling over isn't a milestone, but I'm a little worried. Have other moms gone through this? I'm trying not to be bothered by the "all her friends are doing it" paranoia... :)
As a side note - she is sitting up unassisted and has been for some time.
Thanks for your insight!
Mom 1

This happened to us with my son who is now 23 months. He was sitting and not rolling and we thought he would be fine, so we did not press the issue. At 12 months, he was not even close to walking, so our pediatrician put us in Early Intervention. I am really glad we did that because the rolling was crucial to him building the core strength he needed to finally walk. I am not sure why he was not rolling, but it was one of the building blocks he was really missing and once he started rolling with her guidance, the rest came quickly. Not sure if that is your situation or not, but we were very grateful for the help.
Mom 2

My son was a chunk and probably rolled over twice by 8 months. Once he got sort of crawling (backwards) he decided that rolling was useful to get into a new position and started to use it. If she is sitting then I would not worry developmentally, rolling is just not her thing.
Mom 3

Well, my daughter was the same way, and she's fine now at 25 months. She sat early but just never got in to rolling over - or crawling, for that matter. She stuck with the butt-scootch. I think that her abnominal muscles remained a little weak until somewhat recently, but she was cruising before 12 months and walking independently a few months later, and now she runs, rolls all around, climbs on everything.. .
Mom 4

My baby will be 9 months tomorrow, is crawling all around, and rolled from back to front for the first time last week (twice, in one day, and not once since then). He rolls front to back maybe once a month. He's my third baby and I remember my first was absolutely determined to roll and figured it out early, but this guy just doesn't care to and I'm not the least bit worried. They are all different, and I think you'd see deficits in other areas if there was any reason to be concerned.
Mom 5

I understand your anxiety but I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Sounds like your daughter is totally normal. My son (12 months) had a similar issue in that he started rolling from front to back around 4 months but never got the hang of rolling from back to front. His arm would get in the way and also he didn't really like bonking his head on the floor which would inevitably happen on the few occasions when he would manage to flip all the way over. He's a year old now and achieved all his milestones right on target or even a little early. I think the main concern is that the baby is mobile at all, not that they achieve some goal by a certain age. In fact, some babies never roll over or crawl at all! The fact that your daughter is sitting up, scooting around and maneuvering herself into the position she wants seems to suggest she's doing really well. Maybe she just likes doing things her way and not "by the book!"
Mom 6

Hi - I have a slightly different take than some of the other respondents to your question. My daughter also did not roll, but sat, played, interacted, and later, walked on time. Someone suggested that I get an evaluation by the Early Intervention people, and it was *terrific*. They explained that while everyone hits milestones at different times, and rolling might not be "her thing", it can be a sign of lower muscle tone and that specific exercises (I know, it sounds crazy for an infant) can help. They showed me how to encourage her by placing toys just so, and play specific games that built core strength. It was free, high quality, in my home on my schedule and was very educational for me in many ways.
hope this helps!
Mom 7

Hey - I am so relieved to read your comments. My baby boy, William Mario, will be a year old next Friday. Only recently he has shown interest in rolling (in the last three weeks). Before that, he was happy sitting and playing with the toys close to him. I changed play mat at least 5 times, then put him to play on the rough rogue which we have in our living room. He would prefer to lye down on the rogue than to try to reach for the toys that were not close to him. I tried all sorts of tummy time toys, from mirrors, including one with sea animals attached to it playing a music each time the boy was touching it to different types of pillows, including an inflatable one with rattle balls, books opened in front of him, a special wooden toy with letters a physical therapist suggested that I use, balls of all colors and textures, wooden blocks, even my cellphone, the remote control and my shoes! - my boy wanted to play with them so badly! -, now we have even started a music class which is supposed to encourage gross motor skills in babies - yet, a week from his first birthday, my boy has not shown interest in crawling. He can stand up but not for long and with help.

William standing up all by himself (for few minutes) in the yard of his new house

I am now thinking that I should just be happy with his recent "rolling exploits" and stop looking for toys, tools, exercises, classes, ideas from other moms. Perhaps all I should do is play with my boy the way he likes playing and enjoy every moment of it. Surely, when he decides it's the right time, he will stand up and I don't expect that he will start walking right after that. He will probably only start making tiny baby steps. And I will no longer worry about what should come next.

William's Mom

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day: 20 June 2010 - Il Giorno del Papa': 20 Giugno 2010

Enrica made this great video for me.

Enrica ha fatto questo bellissimo video per me. :) John

Overheard at the mall - Succede sempre allo Shopping Center

I was feeding William at the mall while Enrica bought us a couple of sandwiches. Some high school girls at the next table were mesmerized by Tronk. One of them giggled and said, "I want to be a teen mom!"

Stavo dando da mangiare a William allo Shopping Center mentre Enrica ci ha comprato due panini. Delle ragazzine del liceo al tavolo dopo sono rimaste incantate alla vista di Tronk. Una di loro sorrideva tutta super carica di emozioni e diceva "Voglio essere una ragazza madre!"


Monday, June 7, 2010

Pa-pa-pa-pa, Nanna-na-na-na, Dam-dam-da, Ta-ta-ta, Gat-ta. Does he speak Italian already? - Parla gia' italiano?

William has had a lot more to say recently. He no longer just says Mamma-ma-ma-ma. Also, Da-da da-da, Pa-pa-pa-pa, Ehem, ehem, ehem, Nanna-na-na-na, Nonna, Dam-dam-dam. And ahai, ahai, ahai. Followed by uei, uei, uei, hee, hee, ueio, ueio, rrrrr, ruuuu, ruuuu, yeahh, rueii-ei-ei, yeahi, yeahi etc, sounds which has he has been making a lot, with a happy, cheerful, annoyed and sometimes angry tone, in the car and while playing by himself. It has been a delight to listen to him, always wondering what these sounds actually mean to him. As a true Italian putting meanings to things that don't have any, I can't help telling the world that all this means a huge amount!

It means that William has started speaking. And, si, si, si, si! his first words are in Italian, off-course! At 10 months and a half he can already say 5 words! "Mamma, Papa', Nanna, Nonna and Dammi". Isn't this amazing? Even if what I actually hear is often something like "mamma-ma, pa-pa-pa, gnalla, nogna and dam", I know he means "Mamma, Papa', Nanna, Nonna and Dammi"! and I cannot be happier. My son speaks Italian already. Then the American mom in me comes out and says "come on, stop it. It is not all meaningful. The words I hear coming out of William's mouth are just sounds that he has probably managed to put together as a result of imitating the sounds he has heard from us. So, no illusions. William has no clue of what he is saying!". "yes but how about when he makes a sound and then shake his head as to reinforce his disapproval on what I have just said? and how about when he goes on and on in a conversational tone as if he was presenting a lecture to a large audience of people? and how about when he burst into laugh when I say something he thinks is funny and smiles just after I say something to comfort him? Take yesterday for example. In the middle of the afternoon a huge rain storm came. The wind was so strong, it smashed trees and other things I heard break and fall in my neighborhood. William all of a sudden burst into tears frightened. As soon as after I said to him "va tutto bene amore, va tutto bene amore" he stopped. I swear that as soon after that he started saying "mamma-ma-ma, mamma, mamma, mamma" with a cheerful tone as to say "Grazie mamma. I feel much better" even before I picked him up. I know he meant that. I just know. William is calling me now. I'll better go to try to understand what he needs. My interpretation, off-course.

4 days before his first birthday:
He said Tata. Maybe he like his tata Pina. And as soon after I miaowed at the cat. he said gat-ta. Bravo William!