Friday, April 23, 2010

William is a social animal! - William e' un ζῷον πολιτικόν!

My boy can't help it. When William is out of the house, he starts making friends. He loves looking and smiling at people. This has the powerful effect of drawing the attention of the other moms to him. The other day I was chatting with a mom in the street who couldn't help taking pictures of William while her own child was crying. A similar thing happened with another mom a couple of weeks before. The matter becomes more embarrassing when you hear a group of mom often talk about how cute is your child.

As my teachers in classic high school would say just about everyone who likes to be with people, my son is a perfect example of Aristotele's ζῷον πολιτικόν. Un vero animale sociale! And I should always remember that there is nothing embarassing about this.

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