Saturday, April 17, 2010

A tooth for a 9 months Tooth (Dente) - Un dente per un Dente di nove mesi

William's first tooth is coming in on the bottom! Click on the photo to see the tooth coming up. Dad

Il primo dente di William sta arrivando! Clicca sulla foto per vedere il dentino che sta per uscire. John

William will have teeth! In the last three months I was often checking with my finger if a tooth was coming up but nothing. It is always hard not to compare William with other babies of his age, especially the ones who do advanced things, and to come up with all sorts of scary questions such as "Why does he not have teeth yet? Why does he smile at the other babies and let them grab his toys without getting upset? Why does he not roll on his belly to reach a toy? Why does he not make an effort to get to a toy? Why is he just happy sitting and watching the world go by?" In the middle of this chain of questions that pop in my mind while I am looking at other babies, one mom usually steps in and says: "Ohh William cutie. He smiled at me! So adorable. He is such an observant, wow. He does not miss anything that is going on around him. He will be such a good boy, I can see that. My boy is not so laid back! Ugh" Before she has finished her declaration of love to William, the mom is running after her boy who is either about to play with something he should not play with or he is about to leave the room! The other day the mom of a 10 months old boy even told me that she had to disable the remote control to stop him from changing the settings. Apparently, the boy didn't have any problems reaching the forbidden box, no matter where she was placing it! I was so fascinated by this story as a childless woman could be when she hears a mom talking about waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby. Then the mom said that a month ago her boy was just like William!... So, going back to William's teeth, although until now I have been perfectly happy not to have a baby biting me at each feeding and making me run after him to stop him from causing trouble, I am now so much looking forward to the changes that will come next . I am looking forward to William's new teeth growing, to William eating pieces of food instead of mushy no longer identifiable green and yellow stuff, to him moving and going to grab things and to him making more meaningful sounds in English and in Italian. I know it will happen soon piccolino and I just can't wait! Mamma.

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