Monday, April 5, 2010

Come on mamma! Can you be more careful? - Ma mamma, insomma! Puoi stare piu' attenta?

Ahi hiai hiai hiai hiai Mamma mamma mamm mmamma! Glie', glie' glie', glie'. Mamma Mamma Mamma! It has been a month of new experiments with sounds for William (and of possible interpretations for us)! William has started saying "mamma" very early on but I did not blog this event because everyone (including my husband) kept saying that it was probably an easy sound for William to produce and that it had no association with me. Before becoming a mother, I always heard from italian parents (my own parents especially) how exciting it would be to hear the word "mamma e papa''" from your child for the first time. Yet I cannot say when my baby produced the word "mamma" for the first time, nor I can say when it first meant something to him. Please don't get me wrong. Not that I dislike the American way of understanding what is going on in our parents' life but sometimes I wish I knew less about what is going on so that I could let myself enjoy the emotions I experience. Watch video below.

Despite being resigned to the idea that William was saying "mamma" without necessarily knowing what that meant, I could not help feeling each time a sense of overwhelming desire to hold him and hug him to protect him from something bad that was happening, even though he was perfectly safe. So each time he was saying "mamma mamma mamma", I was rushing towards him and was saying to him "yes sweetheart, mamma is here. Mamma is coming". I don't know whether this taught the meaning of "mamma" or not but something remarkable has happened. William has started saying "mamma mamma mamma"with some sort of desperate tone each time he has been upset about something (for example when I have put him down to take the stroller outside the house) or when he has been in need for something (e.g diaper change). Then my husband noticed that he has started saying "mamma" not just to ask for help but to ask for "my help"! To give you an idea of how far the interpretation of the word "mamma" can go in my mind, imagine this. The other day I was in a store and changed William in a rush as it was getting late and I wanted to take William home to put him to bed before 9 pm - this is a scary moms' deadline here in the US. If you fail to meet it you might not forgive yourself for the rest of your life. As soon as I left the restroom, William started saying a loud and annoyed "mamma mamma mamma mamma". In that precise moment, I realised that I had strapped William with one leg stuck in the strap. As soon as I released his leg from the strap, the annoyed "mamma mamma mamma mamma" stopped. I could not help thinking that his "mamma mamma mamma mamma" had a very clear meaning. It meant: "Come on mamma! Can you be more careful for God's sake??"

Early this morning William has started saying ba' , ba', ba', ba' for the first time. Does it mean that he has now switched his attention to his dad? Welcome to the magic world of motherhood and of to the world of baby sounds.

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