Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mommy is sick but happy - La mamma e' ammalata ma felice

Thanks William for making mommy smile today. She was feeling so down after coughing and feeding you every two hours at night in the last few days. Today it was snowing and mommy was trying to look after you at home while feeling terrible herself. She kept going to the bathroom to cough, sneeze, ect. It was hard and mommy felt like crying after making mistakes. She was changing you one sock and not the other, she was putting you in clothes you have already outgrown, she was making you play in a non coordinated way - she kept giving you different toys but without interacting with you as she did not have any energy. She could not sing you any of the songs you are used to hear because her voice was the voice from Hell (voce dell'oltretomba), she read you a story that made you cry and she was not able to feed you either. She was not able to open the tool for mashing the bananas so she could not give you the rest of the banana that you wanted. She was feeling so down and she even tried hard to force you to eat causing more emotional pain for both of us. Then, all of a sudden, you started eating the banana, you did it my boy, like a champ, and then ate a whole jar of sweet potatoes!! Mommy is so grateful to you for this. Thank you sweetheart for making my day so worthwhile. I love you, Mamma

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