Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loud scream as feet touched sea and pool water - Quando ha toccato l'acqua, ha tirato delle urla!

William has never been afraid of the water. When we first gave him a bath, he was so calm looking at us washing him in all sorts of umcomfortable positions with his wide open eyes. This happy calm reaction to bathing continued until he discovered the fun of playing with the ducky, the tap handle - not much fun for me! - and recently, splashing. This, for me, meant that I was having a bath too each time I was bathing William. On the beautiful Puerto Rico beach I was just looking forward to seeing William splashing. I was expecting him to go happily in the water and to love the sea water like all kids do. We arrived at the beach with all sorts of gears to make sure that William would not miss any fun. After the napping, the feeding and our lunches, we finally managed to take him in the water. He was wearing his super cool surf outfit. No, William did not want to have anything to do with waves, foam and cold water! He was crying as if begging me to hold him tight and keep him safe. And he was shaking. I cannot expect him to fall in love with the cold sea at 7 months. I was just happy to see him suck on his little salty thumb with a sense of relief after that scary adventure I put him through. Later, I tried getting him to put his feet in the water of the swimming pool. I thought that this time he would have loved it. Instead, once again, his reaction was a loud scream and cry as to saying "oh no, take me out of this cold water!"

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