Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beatrice is back from Italy - Beatrice e' di ritorno dall'Italia

Beatrice, William's girlfriend (to be confirmed by him in few years time), came back from Italy. At last! So, Luisa and I, the two mothers, managed to arrange a playdate. The arrangement turned out to work pretty well. My husband John was going to see a movie in 3D at the Imax theater he was so keen to see. So my day was going to be very tiring without John coming home at the usual 5:30 pm. Prediction: I would collapse on the sofa in front of TV hoping to get the energy to transfer in bed and fall asleep there. With Luisa and Beatrice coming to my place at 4:00 pm and staying at my place for dinner, the prospect of that evening was much better.

I was able to do some grocery shopping at the nearby Davis Square Deli market and at a bakery shop for hipsters near where I live, right in time before they arrived. For the Italians reading, a Deli market is for the Americans something like the Italian gastronomia but it is just not the same. It does not sell the ham and the cheese we know in Italy, and the prepared deli food is mayonnaise and onions with some other ingredients! At the bakery shop, with the name pigs can fly, after trying 4 or 5 different types of bread, with potatoes, maroccan spices, sundried tomatoes - all yummy but nothing to do with bread and mostly with onions, I was able to buy a French baguette, which tasted ok. For pudding I was not sure what to get.

I had forgotten it was martedi' grasso. Luisa remembered and brought me a nice pack of bugie o chiacchere (the lies or chats), as we call them in Italy. I am going to grab one now... Not sure when I'll get round to finish this post. :) In the meantime, watch the photos and judge for yourself how much fun William and Beatrice had the other night.

So there they were, playing together on the red mat. Beatrice was sitting up like a champ playing with all the toys around her while William was starring at her. He was then throwing himself backwards. We tried to make him sit up many times but despite all our attempts, William was always happy to lie down. No matter what cool toy was around. He just did not want to make the effort. Beatrice, on the contrary, not only was sitting so well but she was also moving in all directions to grab toys and was so chatty. Who knows what she was telling William. William was grunting in reply to her. Maybe because he did not like Beatrice's grated apple.

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