Monday, January 4, 2010

William doing tommy time - William mentre fa il tommy time

Tommy time, the horror proposition for William. The first time it was ever mentioned, mommy and daddy were thinking that it was yet another hipsters moms Boston thing. Then the Isis Maternity people started going on about it as if it was a must do in every baby's day. Then the conversation with other moms. Then the weekly email from the baby sites. I felt everybody around me was talking about tommy time. Tommy time toys were populating the shelves of baby stores. And finally the orthopedic specialist was proposing ways to get William to spend time on his tommy. But William each time mommy and daddy were trying to get him on his tommy was allegedly screaming! So... here it is, the fish mirror with flashing lights and with water sounds, yet another tommy time secret weapon to try to distract the baby while he is doing his tommy time! How long will this keep him without screaming?

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