Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy six months birthday, William! - Auguri per i tuoi primi sei mesi, William!

Happy six months birthday William! You have got pretty tall but still a little chubby. Your eyes are still almond shaped and in that mysterious baby brown-green-greyish color that mom likes so much. Your hair keeps growing in the front and the back of your head is still worn out from lying on it. Your hands have learned to grab and twist complicated objects. You have become a pro in using the pacifier and nursing. From the amount of time your hands spend in your mouth, mommy is nearly sure that you have started to go through teething. Hang in there my boy, soon your cute little milk teeth will appear, will fall, and you will soon find shiny coins under the table. :) I love how much time you spend investigating toys that you happen to grab. You have started to like the jumperoo more than the mat. In the last few days you have discovered how to browse the pages of the Mc Donald farm book on the jumperoo. You have also learned how to play with the piggies,how to make the duckies spin and how to make the ryno jump by pressing the button. All pretty impressive for mom and dad! You look so attentive and sometimes so excited - you giggle and giggle and giggle and giggle - when I read your nightime story and you look so angelic in your cozy sleeping bag that your future Godmother Susanne gave you for Christmas. Happy six months birthday William! We are sooooo proud of you!

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