Saturday, November 14, 2009

William's first earnings as a scientist - I primi guadagni di William come scienziato

William has taken part to one of the Harvard Infant Development Studies as a baby subject. His job was to watch two videos. The first video showed a ball falling all the way down and half way down. The second video showed flowers of different colors located in different portion of the white screen moving on high and low pitch sounds. Mom was sat behind William and found the first video quite boring while she nearly fell asleep during the second one. During the first video of the ball falling William was so upset. He cried most of the time. On the contrary, during the second video, William was like hypnotized. I must ask the researcher to send me that video... At the end of the experiment William earned his first five dollars and a cool Harvard Infant Development Studies Scientist T-Shirt! Mom is so proud of you William! Your cool t-shirt will be posted here soon...

William is becoming a little man! - William sta diventando un ometto!
Click on this link to see the latest photos - clicca qui per vedere le ultime foto

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  1. Wow cool Enrica. I have an old DERI T-shirt that shrunk in the wash he could borrow. :)