Monday, October 12, 2009

William cooing, similing and giggling - William fa suoni, sorride e se la ride

William changes a lot from one day to another. Yesterday he rolled from his stomach to his back! John and I were so impressed. We also managed to put him on a chair in a big store and he was able to sit there like a man with admirers going to say hello to him. So cool!

It was very hard at first to look after him but like you said, so rewarding at the same time! Often I was not having time to get something to eat or to drink and to have a shower. I decided to cut my hair short - that was a very hard decision and I am still not sure it was a good one. But when Will's first smile came, John and I melted. He is now cooing, similing, giggling at us and John has also caught him laughing!! I can't wait to see that. Funny, few days ago I was at the bakery shop and nobody was being served because William was smiling at everyone. I try to speak to him in Italian (when I remember) and to play Italian songs to him. He has two favourite songs, he loves bouncing of all sort and being taken out of the house when his belly is full. His two favourite toys are his playmat with the stuffed toys he likes kicking and a mobile that seems to mesmerize him. Aha, and he loves starring at the babies' faces printed on the giant Costco diaper boxes! I have only now started to overcome my breastfeeding problems. In 3 months William has become a big boy - he no longer fits in his 0-3 months clothes! Aha, he must be at least 13 pounds and a half now. :) They say that he will lose weight when he will be around 12 months old.

We find it hard to have time for ourselves. There has been a major shift from caring for the spouse to caring for our little one. John is completely in love with him. I think I have made a good friend here, although we have only met a couple of times - the other people I have met are mostly acquaintances because I have only met them in group. I have managed to get together with two moms from a moms group for lunch but that is about it. MOst people live far from me and drive the car so they mostly meet at parks or at lakes they can drive to. I was learning to drive when I was pregnant but then I had to stop when I was too big. I am now terrified of going back to learning with William crying in the car at the back. I just cannot find the courage to do that. Also, the fall is going so fast here and, in just a month, the snow season will start. That will not help me get the license soon. I want to keep this on hold until the spring. Hopefully, William will be patient with me.

I challenged myself to teach Italian to Americans in the evening once a week. I do it to keep my brain working. I was doing that in the evening when I was pregnant to pay John's Italian lessons.

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