Wednesday, September 30, 2009

William Mario Kruse, American and Italian Citizen! - Cittadino Americano ed Italiano! - Urra'!

Strange! Two people have just told me that William looks like me. Everyone else has said that he looks like John! Surely the eyes and the hair come from John. Maybe the face complexion and the naughtyness come from me! ;) Will has started to sleep a bit more recently - he is an early morning riser like his dad - but he is still unpredictable. In the past we had to leave a restaurant twice at dinner time because he was crying... but at lunch he is such a good boy! I have only now started to overcome my right nipple problems. I am glad I have sticked to breastfeeding. In 11 weeks he has become such a big boy - he no longer fits in his 0-3 months clothes! Aha, he must be at least 13 pounds now! :) They say that he will lose weight when he will be around 12 months old. No pressure from his mom. Right now Will's job is to eat and grow. He is now cooing, similing, giggling and John has also caught him laughing!! I can't wait to see that myself. Funny, few days ago I was at the bakery shop and nobody was being served because William was smiling at everyone. I try to speak to him in Italian (when I remember) and to play Italian songs to him. He has two favourite songs, he loves bouncing of all sort and being taken out of the house when his belly is full. His two favourite toys are his playmat with the stuffed toys he likes kicking and a mobile that seems to mesmerize him. Aha, and he is loves starring at the babies' faces printed on the giant Costco diaper boxes! I have recently got his Italian passport. So now my little man William Mario is now officially both an American and an Italian Citizen - he has two passports!

Here are his latest photos:

Cliccate qui sotto per vedere le ultime foto di Will:

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