Friday, July 17, 2009

William was born on July 16 at 11:34 pm - William e' nato il 16 di Luglio alle 11:34 pm

The midwide checked my cervix twice at 6:30 am and at noon. My cervix was still not dilated. After taking the epidural and the petocin, John was able to take a break and eat something. Then John and I fell in a deep sleep for two hours. The contractions started coming stronger and more often. The epidural made them much more bearable! After taking the epidural, I was not allowed to eat anything. Only popsicles! At 9 pm, the midwife decided to check my cervix again and, to our surprise, she told me to get ready to push as I was fully dilated and plus 2 station! John and I were the happiest parents to be. Pushing started at 9:30 pm. I pushed and pushed and pushed as strong as I could. His head at some point started showing and... his dark hair. After many many strong pushes, William's heart bit started going up. I then pushed so hard I could hardly breath afterwards and William was born!! He was put straight on my chest and he started breastfeeding. John was thrilled to see our little man, finally with us.

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